Welcome to Kettlercise Aylesbury & Personal training in Aylesbury, Bucks.


My name is Monika Yarnell,  I'm a Level 3 personal trainer, Level 2 kettlebell specialist and UKA running coach based in Aylesbury. After spending the last 27 years as cabin crew at 35,000 feet (and even 60,000 whilst on Concorde) I decided to quit to do what I love most - coaching others to reach their dreams and full potential.With my colleagues John, Hannah, Jen Phil and Kate we make up team KETTLERCISE AYLESBURY and offer the following sessions in Aylesbury, Bucks: 



Kettlercise - kettlebell classes and kettlebell specialist training


Run coaching - 1 to 1 or group training.


Personal Training - 1 to 1 in an environment of your choice.


Small Group Training - share the trainer, share the cost.


If you are looking for someone to encourage you and help you achieve your personal goals regardless of your age or ability then look no further than Kettlercise Aylesbury Personal Training & Fitness team, getting Bucks fit!




I am a personal trainer focused on meeting your goals personal requirements. Whether you simply want to build muscle, tone up, lose weight or require advice on nutrition, I can put together a customised training programme for you so we can reach those goals!


Together, we'll find the training programme that’s just right for you.  We are all unique and respond differently to training, I will tailor all sessions to suit you and your lifestyle, your preferred training approach and keeping you focused and motivated along the way.