Just look at our members' body transformations!  


Commit regulary to classes, focus on nutrition and this could be you!



Meet Sarah everybody!

With a focus on nutrition, and taking 3 Kettlercise classes a week, look what she's done to her body in JUST 5 MONTHS!

She's lost more weight than she's holding in the second photo - well done Sarah keep up the good work!


Kettlercise really works!


Kelly increased her classes to 3 times a week and in 3 months, this happened!

Maxine raised her game and committed to 2 -3 Kettlercise classes a week. The results speak for themselves!


This, in just 3 months!

Wow, just look at Amy's results!

This is Pat, she regularly runs and swims but found her body shape wasn't changing. She joined us a few months ago and does 2 classes a week. With a focus on nutrition, just look at how she's transformed her body shape!

Emma joined Kettlercise Aylesbury 3 months ago to get in shape for an upcoming challenge. In her own words she was a 'shapeless, out of breath couch potato'. Look at the difference just 3 months has made alongside sensible nutrition and walking! She completes 3-4 classes a week and the results are clear to see, well done Emma!

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